Urinary Incontinence

Bladder leakage, or urinary incontinence, affects women of all ages – although it becomes more common as women get older. This can be a frustrating problem that seriously interferes with a woman’s quality of life.

The good news is that there are now several non-invasive, as well as surgical, treatments that can minimize or eliminate bladder leaks.

Before determining the best treatment for a woman’s bladder leakage, it is important to identify which of the two types of urinary incontinence she has. Stress urinary incontinence causes a woman to “pee” when she laughs or coughs. Urge incontinence – also called overactive bladder – is characterized by the bladder suddenly emptying without warning, or a feeling of needing to urinate all the time.

Medications, topical hormones, pelvic floor therapy, pessaries and other non-invasive treatments may be sufficient to remedy certain types of urinary incontinence. In more severe cases, surgical intervention may be the best option.

Our experienced gynecologists and surgeons will work with you to determine the best treatment for your incontinence issues – so you can stop the leaks and get your life back.

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