Gynecologic Surgeons

If you are dealing with any condition of the reproductive organs or pelvic area that requires surgery, you’re in good hands with the gynecologic surgeons at Obstetrics and Gynecology Associates.

We specialize in women’s health and offer the most advanced, state-of-the-art surgical techniques – including minimally invasive procedures – that help you get back to your daily life as quickly as possible.

As a mother, wife, daughter, friend, boss or employee, many people rely on you. Your health isn’t just important to you – it’s also important to those who love and depend on you, too. You need to feel your best so you can keep up with both the demands and the enjoyment of your daily life.

In many cases our laparoscopic and robot-assisted surgeries provide a better alternative to traditional “open” surgery – requiring smaller incisions, which means less pain and a quicker recovery for you.

When you need “female” surgery, you and your family can count on our caring and experienced surgeons to offer you the medical care and the emotional support you need.

If you are facing surgery, schedule a consultation today to see the difference our team can make. We will answer all of your questions so you know what to expect from surgery, how to prepare and what’s involved in recovery.

Minimally Invasive &
Robotic Surgery

At Obstetrics & Gynecology Associates, we are proud to serve as a leader in minimally invasive surgery for women. Our Dearborn Heights & Grosse Pointe surgeons offer the latest technologies in both laparoscopic surgery and daVinci robotic surgery to provide relief from health conditions – without the need for long hospitals stays and lengthy recovery periods.

D & C
Dilation & Curettage

A dilation and curettage – commonly called a “D&C” – is a surgical procedure in which the doctor removes tissue from a woman’s uterus. It i may be performed to diagnose and treat many conditions that affect a woman’s uterus, including abnormal bleeding, heavy periods, or after a miscarriage to prevent hemorrhaging or infection.


Heavy periods – sometimes called Abnormal Uterine Bleeding or “AUB” – can dramatically interfere with woman’s quality of life.  At our Dearborn Heights & Grosse Pointe offices, we offer state-of-the-art endometrial ablation treatments that can eliminate heavy menstrual bleeding, with just one outpatient treatment.


Our skilled and experienced gynecologic surgeons offer the latest, most advanced hysterectomy techniques, including: minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery (through a tiny incision); and daVinci robotic surgery. These state-of-the-art, minimally-invasive hysterectomy procedures offer the advantage of smaller incisions, significantly less pain, less blood loss, and a much shorter recovery time.

LEEP & Conization

If an abnormal Pap test reveals precancerous cells on the cervix surface, we offer two state-of-the-art treatment options: conization and LEEP. Conization removes a cone-shape section of tissue from high up in the cervix to be biopsied, to make sure no cancer is present. LEEP uses a mild electrical current to remove abnormal tissue that has been previously identified by colposcopy.

Ovarian Cystectomy

Surgery that removes a cyst from a woman’s ovary is called an “ovarian cystectomy”. Our skilled gynecologic surgeons offer minimally-invasive, laparoscopic ovarian cystectomy, that requires only few very small incisions in the lower abdomen. The procedure is guided by a slender camera inserted through the incision, enabling the surgeon to remove the cyst while leaving the ovaries intact.

Pelvic Prolapse Surgery

Our surgeons are skilled and experienced in pelvic floor reconstruction, including robotically assisted laparoscopic pelvic prolapse surgery. daVinci robotic surgery is the most advanced, safest, state-of-the-art method of correcting pelvic organ prolapse. High resolution 3-D imaging of the patient affords unparalleled precision – and smaller incisions mean less pain, a more durable pelvic floor repair, and a faster recovery.

Polyp & Fibroid Removal

We are proud to offer a state-of-the-art minimally invasive surgery called MyoSure Hysteroscopic Myomectomy to remove fibroids and polyps. This procedure can remedy heavy menstrual bleeding, menstrual periods lasting more than a week, pelvic pain, pressure in the pelvis, frequent urination, difficulty emptying the bladder, and more. MyoSure enables the surgeon to remove any growths, while preserving the uterus.

Tubal Ligation

Tubal ligation – also called “having your tubes tied” –  is a surgical method of permanently preventing a woman from getting pregnant. During a tubal ligation, the fallopian tubes (which the eggs use to travel from the ovaries to the uterus) are cut, tied or surgically blocked to prevent the release of eggs. We offer state-of-the-art outpatient tubal ligation procedures using minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery for less pain  and a faster recovery.

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